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  DSP SpeakersSystem Overview and complete range of loudspeaker User Guides, and M & S lead pin-outs, wiring digital theatre 
 D1500 Subwoofer100w, 10-inch woofer 
 D2500 Subwoofer200w, 2x10-inch woofers 
 D3200Loudspeaker stand for DSP3200 
 D600Three-way bass-reflex enclosure with built-in digital signal processing. 
 D6000Three-way design with digital inputs and digital signal processing. 
 DSP3100Two Way DSP; ported (Vertical) & Two and a half way DSP closed box (Horizontal) 
 DSP320In-Wall/Ceiling Loudspeaker 
 DSP3200Bookshelf, stand mount and wall mount compact loudspeaker 
 DSP33Two Way DSP 
 DSP3300Versatile Digital Active Loudspeaker; for horizontal and vertical applications. 
 DSP420In wall version of the DSP33 
 DSP50002.5 way design, 3 versions made 
 DSP520In-Wall DSP Speaker 
 DSP520.2 In-Wall DSP Speaker  
 DSP5200 Special Edition (SE) 
 DSP5200HC Special Edition (SE) 
 DSP55003-way, 4-driver, 4x70watts 
 DSP630In-Wall DSP Speaker  
 DSP640In-Wall DSP Speaker 
 DSP640.2 In-Wall DSP Speaker  
 DSP7000Four way DSP's 
 DSP72003.5-way acoustic reflex system 
 DSP7200 Special Edition (SE) 
 DSP7200HC Special Edition (SE) 
 DSP730In-Wall DSP Loudspeaker  
 DSP8000Flagship speaker, Four way DSP's with separate head unit 
 DSP8000 Special Edition (SE) 
 DSP8000 XEDSP8000 XE an all new model for 2021 
 DSWDSP Subwoofer 
 DSW600In-wall DSP Subwoofer. Production cancelled. 
 DSW600, 2020 version In-wall DSP Subwoofer. 
 S3100DSP3100 on S3100 stands in Black or Silver 
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