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In-Wall DSP Speaker
Two full-range loudspeakers plus a subwoofer launch Meridianís new in-wall range. The DSP520 features a wide-range 85mm driver plus a 140mm bass driver, while the DSP630 includes two bass drivers and one wide-range. Each driver is powered by its own perfectly matched amplifier for clean, powerful and enveloping sound. The DSW600 subwoofer, with its triple bass drivers, can be added on its own, for example in a 5.1 or 2.1 system, or for even more impressive performance, match each main loudspeaker with its own sub to form a single, completely-integrated, ďsuper-speakerĒ.

All the units are slim Ė just 200mm (7.87in) wide*. Their sophisticated back-box and frame mounting system makes installation simple and easy, and provides the widest range of adjustments for maximum flexibility. Meridianís SpeakerLink cabling makes wiring simple too.

Build a complete system from Meridian DSP in-walls, or mix and match them with Meridianís free-standing loudspeakers to create exactly the system you desire. The sound of Meridian DSP in-walls complements that of Meridian stand-alone loudspeakers, making them the perfect partner for each other.

Meridianís DSP in-wall loudspeakers are also designed to make it simple and convenient to add a zone to your Meridian Digital Media System. Meridianís new Media Source 200 simply mounts on the back of these in-wall loudspeakers and can be operated from any Digital Media System controller such as the Core Control App for iPad.
DSP520 & 640 User Manual (474.4kb)
Datasheet DSP520, DSP640 v2.5 (580.3kb)
Datasheet DSP520, DSP640, DSW500 v2.2 (718.5kb)
DSP520 Press Release (61.9kb)
DSP520, 640 & DSW500 Datasheet v2.1 (718.4kb)
DSP520; Brochure (251.6kb)
DSP520; Rough in box dimensions (146.8kb)
DSP520; Rough in box fitting guide (120.9kb)
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DSP520 Explode (174.3kb)
DSP520 Outlines (22.3kb)
DSP520; Switches (270.5kb)
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