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In wall version of the DSP33
The World’s first DSP In-wall based on technology used in Meridian’s famous DSP speakers

Easy install sealed pre-construction enclosure

Double sealed and damped acoustic enclosure

Separate, on-board, 85W bass and 65W treble power amplifiers

2 way Active speaker with DSP crossover

Custom paintable grille/frame

See also M420

UPDATE (May 2009): The speaker now includes speakerlink - RJ45 connection (Referred to as DSP420.2).
DSP420 Fitting Instructions (146.5kb)
DSP420 RS232 Codes (27.5kb)
DSP420 User Guide P80300 (221.0kb)
DSP420 User manual (443.7kb)
DSP420 Installation & Operation V1.3 (1,322.4kb)
DSP420 Advertisement; Move the walls (43.1kb)
DSP420 Datasheet Feb 2003 (German) (179.0kb)
DSP420 Datasheet v3.1 16-04-2003 (55.2kb)
DSP420 Datasheet v3.6 23-06-2005 (259.7kb)
DSP420 Datasheet(2) v1.0 22-05-2009 (837.0kb)
DSP420 Datasheet(2) v1.1 29-07-2009 (839.8kb)
DSP420 Datasheet(2) v1.2 14-03-2011 (689.3kb)
DSP420 Dimensions (60.3kb)
DSP420 Installation & Operation P81524 (1,162.5kb)
DSP420 Installation & Operation V1.2 (1,424.5kb)
DSP420 Wallbox dimensions (17.6kb)
News item; DSP420 Hi Fi News July 2003 (193.9kb)
Tech. Note TN27; 420 Functional testing (370.8kb)
Photos (view all)
DSP420 Explode (21.5kb)
DSP420 Front (32.2kb)
DSP420 Front (clear cover) (22.4kb)
DSP420 Front (no cover) (47.7kb)
DSP420 Front (single close up) (41.0kb)
DSP420 Front (single connectors) (49.0kb)
DSP420 Wall boxes (81.6kb)
DSP420; Connections (132.5kb)
DSP420; Front large (no cover) (240.7kb)
DSP420; Grille Frame Attachment (77.1kb)
DSP420; Grilles (125.1kb)
DSP420; Rear view (174.9kb)
DSP420; Terminal Block (516.5kb)
DSP420; Tweeter replacement (84.1kb)
DSP420; Wall boxes (pair) (190.9kb)
DSP420; Wall Cut-out (94.2kb)
Internet Links
DSP420 Official Website (link)

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