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 - Sooloos
  Sooloos Overviewinc 2009 price list 
 Control:Control interface for selection CD covers 
 Ensemble:Both storage and audio playback in a single box. 
 Import:Single or four drive disk rippers 
 Media Core 200Core with single zone (analogue/digital & SL) with fixed 500Gb disk 
 Media Core 600Core with 6 Zones (Analogue/Digital & SL) & 2x Storage disks 
 Media Drive 600Meridian Sooloos Digital Media System Storage 
 Media Source 200Meridian Sooloos Single-Zone Source  
 Media Source 600Meridian Sooloos Single-Zone Source 
 Source:Source:One for Single channel (Both S/PDIF & RCA Analog outputs)
Source:Five for Five Analogue channels (one with S/PDIF also)
 Storage:Data Storage 
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