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Three-way design with digital inputs and digital signal processing.
D6000 Set up Manual (4,528.3kb)
D6000 User Manual (2,463.5kb)
D6000 User Manual; Version 2 (228.7kb)
D6000 Audiophile Award; February 1992 (1,113.3kb)
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D6000 Electronics (150.9kb)
D6000 Electronics (2) (138.6kb)
D6000 from 1994 catalogue (78.1kb)
D6000; Connections (77.6kb)
D6000; Head Units (480.8kb)
D6000; Rear view (88.3kb)
D6000; Without electronics (135.5kb)
D6000 & 607 Review; Audiophile June 91 (2,288.3kb)
D6000 Review (Gramophone April 1992) (2,911.7kb)
D6000 Review extract; Audiophile June 93 (502.5kb)
D6000 Review; HFC The Collection (965.8kb)
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