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Four way DSP's
Four way DSP Speakers, 4x 24bit 192Khz Dacs (2x100Mhz DSP)
2x 200mm bass (2x 100 watt amps)
1x 160mm mid (1x 100watt amp)
1x 25mm aluminium-dome tweeter (1x100 watt amp)
DSP7000 Datasheet (1,000.3kb)
DSP7000 Dimensions (59.6kb)
News item: Hi Fi News May 2003 (127.8kb)
Photos (view all)
DSP7000 Black front (36.4kb)
DSP7000 Black Rear (37.7kb)
DSP7000 Red front (90.7kb)
DSP7000 Silver front (stock) (30.9kb)
DSP7000 Review (Hi Fi World June 2005) (1,918.7kb)
DSP7000 Review TAS 2004 (434.1kb)
DSP7000, 861 & 800; Audio 2004 (German) (1,218.5kb)
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