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3.5-way acoustic reflex system
DSP7200 is the first loudspeaker to include SpeakerLink input/output interfacing architecture, featuring balanced drive and RJ45 connectors for simplicity and elegance of installation via CAT-5 cabling.
Brochure 808 & DSP7200 (629.9kb)
DSP7200 & DSP7200HC Datasheet v2.7 (1,343.1kb)
DSP7200 & DSP7200HC Datasheet v2.8 (1,370.5kb)
DSP7200 & DSP7200HC Datasheet v3.6 (756.1kb)
DSP7200 & DSP7200HC DS v3.4 04/12/2012 (761.6kb)
DSP7200 Datasheet (German) (2,584.0kb)
DSP7200 Dimensions (163.7kb)
DSP7200 Flier (896.6kb)
DSP7200.2 Datasheet v1.0 16-09-2015 (518.4kb)
DSP7200.2; Press release (148.2kb)
DSP7200HC Dimensions (294.7kb)
FAQ; Configuring the D2 input (95.0kb)
Press Release; Performance Upgrades (112.7kb)
Technical Note TN5; Chassis replacement (522.6kb)
Photos (view all)
DSP7200 Front (166.4kb)
DSP7200 Front; Select colours (313.7kb)
DSP7200 Rear (388.5kb)
DSP7200 Rear close-up (196.4kb)
DSP7200; gloss black (129.2kb)
DSP7200; Sectional View (204.3kb)
DSP7200; white (49.1kb)
DSP7200HC Front (110.2kb)
DSP7200HC Front (no cover) (104.6kb)
DSP7200HC Rear (104.0kb)
DSP7200 & 808.2i, Tone Audio Issue 19 (2,905.2kb)
DSP7200 & 808.2i (Hi Fi World Nov 2008) (836.3kb)
DSP7200 & 808.2i TAS, August 2009 (969.3kb)
DSP7200 & 808.2i WHF S&V Sept 2008 (772.5kb)
DSP7200 & 808.2i; Hi Fi Critic 2009 (1,952.6kb)
DSP7200 Stereo 12/2010 (German) (5,868.4kb)
Stereo Hi Fi Digital 1/2011 (German) (3,909.6kb)
Internet Links
808.2 & DSP 7200 Smarthouse Feb 2008 (link)
DSP7200 Official Website (link)

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