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Flagship speaker, Four way DSP's with separate head unit
Four way DSP Speakers, 4x 24bit 192Khz Dacs (2x100Mhz DSP)
6x 200mm bass (3x 150 watt amps)
1x 160mm mid (1x 100watt amp)
1x 25mm aluminium-dome tweeter (1x100 watt amp)

September 08, there is a slight revision to the DSP8000's. It now includes the speakerlink socket on the back and I will refer to it as a DSP8000.2
808/DSP8000 Ann. System User Guide (798.3kb)
DSP8000 Unpacking (90.3kb)
DSP8000 User manual Part no: DSP8000U/1 (940.9kb)
DSP8000.2 User manual DSP8000U/3 (388.6kb)
DSP8000.2 User manual DSP8000U/4 (329.0kb)
DSP8000.2 User manual DSP8000U/5 (269.3kb)
DSP8000 Datasheet (105.4kb)
DSP8000 Datasheet 01-12-2001 (172.8kb)
DSP8000 Datasheet v1.1; Special Edition (832.8kb)
DSP8000 Datasheet v1.4; Special Edition (839.4kb)
DSP8000 Dimensions (276.1kb)
DSP8000 News item; Hi Fi News April 2000 (306.5kb)
DSP8000 RS232 Interface (67.5kb)
DSP8000.2 Datasheet v2.0 (1,040.2kb)
DSP8000.2 Datasheet v2.1 (1,038.9kb)
DSP8000.2 Datasheet v2.2 (1,291.8kb)
FAQ; Configuring the D2 input (95.0kb)
Press release; 40th Ann. Special Edition (248.4kb)
Photos (view all)
40th Ann. Special Edition in Ruby Red (42.4kb)
DSP8000 Electronics (534.8kb)
DSP8000 Front (39.2kb)
DSP8000 Head (86.0kb)
DSP8000 Head; Cut-a-way (223.4kb)
DSP8000 Side; bass drivers (65.0kb)
DSP8000 Three-quarter view (1) (79.4kb)
DSP8000 Three-quarter view (2) (97.6kb)
DSP8000 Transformers (312.5kb)
DSP8000; (white) (76.2kb)
DSP8000; Amplifier board (542.4kb)
DSP8000; Amplifier case (156.5kb)
DSP8000; Amplifiers and case (399.9kb)
DSP8000; Bass Amplifier board (314.5kb)
DSP8000; Bass Unit (376.2kb)
DSP8000; Connection detail (72.3kb)
DSP8000; Connections board (175.8kb)
DSP8000; DSP board (475.7kb)
DSP8000; Electronics board no bass amps (287.7kb)
DSP8000; Packaging (91.0kb)
DSP8000; Rear no electronics (217.2kb)
DSP8000; Rear open case (224.0kb)
DSP8000; Rear view (148.4kb)
DSP8000; Rosso Corsa Assembly (594.3kb)
DSP8000; Transport requirements! (421.6kb)
Home Theater Review 23 Aug 2009 (link)
Review of DSP8000 November 2001 (link)
Internet Links
DSP8000 Official Website (link)

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