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Two Way DSP
Two Way DSP Speakers, 2x 24bit 96Khz Dac (1x 100Mhz DSP)
2x 120mm Bass (1x 85 watt amp)
1x 25mm Tweeter (1x 65 watt amp)

See DSP33 manual for application of D5 lead for connecting between the 512 remote extender and DSP33.
33 User manual (1,113.6kb)
DSP33 R Reset plug; pin-out (80.1kb)
DSP33 & DSP33C Datasheet (29.5kb)
DSP33 & DSP33C Dimensions (18.4kb)
DSP33 Dimensions with mounting bracket (28.6kb)
DSP33; D5 Lead Pin-outs (32.3kb)
DSP33; D5 Lead Pin-outs & notes (59.7kb)
DSP33; Plinth Instructions (61.2kb)
News item: DSP33 Hi Fi News June 2000 (217.3kb)
Photos (view all)
D5 Lead (57.7kb)
DSP33 in Gloss (91.8kb)
DSP33 Rears (506.4kb)
DSP33; Connections (56.1kb)
DSP33; Omnimount 75 Bracket (174.3kb)
DSP33c All (67.8kb)
DSP33c Front (68.1kb)
DSP33c Front (no cover) (83.5kb)
DSP33c Rear (86.4kb)
DSP33 Review (Gramophone - Sept 2000) (1,648.8kb)
DSP33 Review (Hi Fi News April 2001) (1,062.2kb)
G91 and DSP33 Review 2005 (2,543.2kb)
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