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Versatile Digital Active Loudspeaker; for horizontal and vertical applications.
The DSP3300 is a single versatile digital loudspeaker ideal for main, centre channel and surround operation in smaller and medium-sized systems.

"DSP3300 can also be installed on a König & Meyer 24471 or 24481 wall bracket." Taken from New Product Information
DSP3300; User Guide (141.2kb)
DSP3300; Datasheet v1.7 05-08-2011 (604.7kb)
DSP3300; Dimensioned Drawing (100.0kb)
DSP3300; New Product Information (45.1kb)
Wall bracket Data Sheet 24471 (900.9kb)
Wall bracket Data Sheet 24481 (1,138.1kb)
Wall bracket Fitting Instructions 24471 (286.6kb)
Wall bracket Fitting Instructions 24481 (1,138.1kb)
Photos (view all)
DSP3300; Mounts (161.4kb)
DSP3300; Vertical Orientation (195.9kb)
DSP3300; White (39.4kb)
DSP3300; White Rear view (148.8kb)
Wall bracket König & Meyer 24471 (34.6kb)
Wall bracket König & Meyer 24481 (54.6kb)
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