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Revised in Jan 2009 to include speakerlink.

See also 808i for review.
DSP5200 Datasheet Sept 2004 (German) (1,005.7kb)
DSP5200 Datasheet v1.0 23-12-2008 (783.6kb)
DSP5200 Datasheet v1.1 03-04-2009 (1,759.6kb)
DSP5200 Datasheet v1.2 07-07-2005 (161.1kb)
DSP5200 Datasheet v1.3 18-07-2005 (161.3kb)
DSP5200 Datasheet(2) v1.2 01-05-2009 (1,758.5kb)
DSP5200 Datasheet(2) v1.3 30-03-2011 (1,481.2kb)
DSP5200 Dimensions (111.7kb)
DSP5200.2 Datasheet v1.0 21-09-2015 (317.5kb)
DSP5200.2; Press release (148.2kb)
DSP5200; Press release (Swedish) (610.2kb)
FAQ; Configuring the D2 input (95.0kb)
News item; DSP5200 Hi Fi News June 2005 (240.8kb)
News item; DSP5200 Hi Fi World (150.0kb)
News item; Hi Fi News Dec 2004 (157.9kb)
Photos (view all)
DSP5200 Collection shot (26.7kb)
DSP5200 fitting optional feet (135.3kb)
DSP5200 Front (21.8kb)
DSP5200 Front (close up) (39.3kb)
DSP5200 Front (no grills) (27.7kb)
DSP5200 Front view optional feet fitted (38.1kb)
DSP5200 Front view; pair gloss black (109.2kb)
DSP5200 optional foot (1) (72.2kb)
DSP5200 optional foot (2) (66.8kb)
DSP5200 optional foot (3) (67.8kb)
DSP5200 optional foot (4) (69.9kb)
DSP5200 Rear (23.4kb)
DSP5200 Rear close up (non speakerlink) (43.5kb)
DSP5200 Side view optional feet fitted (129.7kb)
DSP5200; Rocket Red (150.0kb)
DSP5200HC Front (24.8kb)
DSP5200HC Rear (SpeakerLink) (207.1kb)
DSP5200HC-SL Rear (129.0kb)
DSP5200HC; connection (non-SpeakerLink) (155.2kb)
DSP5200sl; Display detail (85.3kb)
DSP5200 Review (Feb 2006 Hi-Fi News) (1,364.4kb)
DSP5200 Review (WSR June 2008) (645.3kb)
Home Theater Review Sept 2009 (link)
Internet Links
CE Pro Award 2009 (link)
DSP5200 Official Website (link)

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