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Three-way bass-reflex enclosure with built-in digital signal processing.
D600 -

D600B - Bitstream version

The D600 has both digital and analogue inputs

Use K lead, communication cable for use between D600 Loudspeakers in multichannel applications
D600 Setup Manual (8,746.2kb)
D600 User Manual (3,783.7kb)
D600B; Product Information (698.3kb)
Photos (view all)
D600 Connection; details (224.5kb)
D600 Front view with grilles (40.4kb)
D600 Front view without grilles (64.1kb)
D600 pair (194.6kb)
D600 Rear (15.4kb)
D600 Rear (close up) (22.6kb)
D600 Review; High Performance Review (1,901.2kb)
D600 Review (1,199.5kb)
D600 Review (2) (1,161.8kb)
D600 Review; CD Review Sept 1989 (863.5kb)
D600 Review; Gramophone July 1989 (1,477.5kb)
D600 Review; Hi Fi News & R R June 1989 (1,096.7kb)
D600 Review; Stereo Review Sept 1989 (1,417.7kb)
D600 Review; Stereophile Nov 1989 (1,637.8kb)
D600B Review; What Hi Fi May 1992 (480.3kb)
D600 Stereophile Nov 1989 (link)
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