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3-way, 4-driver, 4x70watts
DSP5500 Original 18bit version, with a 4 digit-7 segment display in a square top, it is possible to have this factory upgraded to the later 24/96 version. (Released Jan 1997)

DSP5500 24/96 Updated 24bit/96khz version, still with a 4 digit 7 segment display in a square top.

DSP5500.2 24bit/96khz version with an 8 digit dot matrix display in a rounded smiley face top. (Released Dec 2001)

System Design: Three-way active loudspeaker, DSP crossover at 200Hz and 2.6kHz, Four channels of delta-sigma D/A conversion, Four 75W power amplifiers per channel, All signal processing is performed in the 100MHz digital signal processors.

Controls: System and speaker are operated with the included Meridian System Remote. The listener has control over the source and features including bass, tilt, listening axis, volume, balance and absolute phase. Inputs: Two coax digital audio, 32kHz to 96kHz, up to 24 bit. MHR support.

Response: 35Hz to 20kHz. Max. output 112dB spl.

Display: Four-character display (DSP5500.2 has eight-character dot-matrix display).

Drive units: Two 200mm high-efficiency bass drivers, one 160mm polypropylene mid driver and one Meridian 25mm short-horn tweeter with aluminium dome and silver voice coil.

Cabinet: Veneered MDF braced, steel shielded and damped, in black ash or rosewood finish. Cables included.

5500 Dimensions: 1100mm (43.3in) H, 285 (11.2) W, 415 (16.3)D.

5500HC Dimensions: 1100mm (43.3in) W, 285 (11.2) H, 415 (16.3) D.

Interesting point, The 5500's uses the DSP board and Amps from the DSP6000.
5500.1 User manual (238.7kb)
5500.2(hc) User manual (1,563.0kb)
5500.2 Datasheet (61.4kb)
5500hc Datasheet (60.1kb)
DSP5500 18-bit Datasheet (279.9kb)
DSP5500 Dimensions (21.1kb)
DSP5500HC Dimensions (22.2kb)
Photos (view all)
DSP5500 Electronics Amp Boards (489.7kb)
DSP5500 Electronics DSP Board (516.5kb)
DSP5500 Electronics Rear Panel (317.3kb)
DSP5500 Mk1 Front (45.1kb)
DSP5500 Speaker Link Manual (55.2kb)
DSP5500.2 Front (34.7kb)
DSP5500.2hc Front (9.9kb)
DSP5500; Connection detail (182.9kb)
DSP5500; Piano black (115.6kb)
DSP5500hc Front no grille (29.5kb)
DSP5500hc Front with grille (19.0kb)
DSP5500hc Rear (29.1kb)
DSP5500hc Rear; port & connections (42.3kb)
DSP5500hc v DSP5000hc Back (315.4kb)
DSP5500hc v DSP5000hc Front (275.5kb)
DSP5500 Review e-town.com March 1998 (90.0kb)
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DSP5500 Official Website (link)

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