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Source:One for Single channel (Both S/PDIF & RCA Analog outputs)
Source:Five for Five Analogue channels (one with S/PDIF also)
Source:One - The Source:One has a single-ended stereo RCA-type analog audio output and a S/PDIF digital audio output that mirrors the analog output. The analog output is an audiophile quality output that is at home even in a great system. It is fanless and has no moving parts, making it completely silent.

Source:Five - The Source:Five is identical to the Source:One, but features five single-ended stereo RCA-type analog outputs and a single S/PDIF digital output.

Source:micro??? -
Source Datasheet (496.9kb)
Source One Datasheet v2.0 07-10-2009 (653.3kb)
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Source Five Rear view (84.7kb)
Source Five; Internal view (2) modified (621.5kb)
Source Five; Internal view (3) modified (695.2kb)
Source Five; Internal view modified (634.8kb)
Source One Rear view (38.8kb)
Source:One Inside (126.4kb)
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Music Server System Australian Winter 09 (3,150.3kb)
Music Server System Lux Mag. Summer 09 (790.7kb)
Music Server System Sound & Image 2010 (413.9kb)
Music Server System Sound & Vision 2009 (644.9kb)
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Music Server System WHF Feb 2009 (1,019.3kb)
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