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Meridian Sooloos Digital Media System Storage
Meridianís Media Drive 600 is a complete storage solution for your Meridian Sooloos Digital Media System, including twin front-loading drive bays configured for automatically-mirrored backup and maximum reliability.

Within Media Drive 600 is a pair of front-loading hard drive bays, each capable of carrying pairs of identical drives with capacity of up to 2TB each (3Tb drives have been tested ok). The drives are configured as a RAID 1 array with automatic mirrored backup: thus the storage offered by the system in its standard configuration is up to 2TB. These allow the unit to store approximately 5,000 CD albums in FLAC format.

Via Meridianís Technical Support department, the drives can alternatively be configured as a RAID 0 array for a total of 4 TB primary storage, with backup being handled externally.

Media Drive 600 can be fitted with a range of drive pairs selected from an approved list published on the Meridian web site and updated as new drives become available for testing.
Media Drive 600 User Guide (105.1kb)
Media Drive 600 Datasheet (580.4kb)
Media Drive 600 Datasheet (German) (90.4kb)
Media Drive 600 Datasheet v1.4 (512.8kb)
Media Drive 600 Datasheet v1.5 (506.6kb)
Media Drive 600 Datasheet v11 (582.2kb)
Media Drive 600 Dimensioned Drawing (145.1kb)
Media Drive 600 Recommended Hard Drives (91.6kb)
Press release Media Drive 600 (233.1kb)
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Media Drive 600 (25.3kb)
Media Drive 600 Inside 1 (245.9kb)
Media Drive 600 Inside 2 (264.5kb)
Media Drive 600 Inside 3 (182.8kb)
Media Drive 600 Inside 4 (266.5kb)
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