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Data Storage

The Store:One is a Network Attached Storage device. It is sold in mirrored pairs one unit for main storage and one for backup storage. All mirroring takes place automatically, giving you a zero-downtime backup of your library.

The Store:One can be configured with hard drives for the storage you need to hold your library, up to three terabytes in each mirrored pair. This means it can hold up to 7200 albums simultaneously in both FLAC format (which you listen to at home for full quality) and 192k MP3 format (which you can use on your ipod) Additional Store components can be added without limit.

The Store:One connects to the rest of your Sooloos system by a single ethernet connection, so it can be placed anywhere on your network. This allows silent operation in your listening environment. It can be connected using either Neutrik EtherCon connectors (supplied with the system) or standard CAT5/5e/6 cables with RJ-45 connectors.

Store:Two -

Twinstore - The twinstore has two removable hard drive trays to provide up to a terabyte of mirrored (RAID level 1) storage for data security.

Store:One Datasheet (682.3kb)
Tech. Note TN35; Voltage change (269.4kb)
TwinStore Datasheet (376.9kb)
Twinstore Datasheet v2.1 13-04-2010 (735.6kb)
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Store One (89.0kb)
Store Two (68.1kb)
TwinStore (72.3kb)
TwinStore Inside 1 (394.6kb)
TwinStore Inside 2 (420.7kb)
TwinStore Inside 3 (218.9kb)
TwinStore Inside 4 (331.0kb)
TwinStore Rear view (46.6kb)
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