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Control interface for selection CD covers
Control:One - The Control:One is the revolutionary touch screen interface to the Sooloos system, and provides means for you to interact with your music. It features a high-contrast 17-inch LCD display, resistive touch panel, CD mechanism for importing your music, and the breath-taking Sooloos user interface. The Control:One’s machined aluminum chassis has integrated heatsinks, eliminating fans and making it completely silent.

Control:Bridge - The Control:Bridge provides all the features of the Control:One but allows you to display the user interface on your Crestron panel.

Control:10 - The Control:10 is I believe an update to the Control:One, it still looks the same but includes Speaker link and Meridian Comms for direct connection to DSP Speakers.

Control:15 - The Control:15 is an update to the Control:10, it still looks the same but includes upsampling and 500Gb of internal storage.

Control:20 - The Control:20 is a portable table top, tablet style remote, with a 15 touch screen with SpeakerLink inter-component connectivity, as well as legacy-standard Meridian Comms.

Control:micro -

Control:PC - a PC-based application that offers many features for integrating Sooloos:

  • Control of the system from any PC on the network
  • MP3 export integration with portable music players
  • CD and loose file import from the PC
  • Manual backup and restore for Ensemble systems or to create offsite backups

    Crestron - Sooloos offers several layers of Crestron integration:
  • Control:One will run Crestron X-Panel projects
  • Sooloos offers modules and templates for all resolutions, including legacy panels
  • The Sooloos Control:Bridge has video outs that feed video inputs on Crestron Panels that are video-enabled, to have the full Sooloos interface on Crestron Panels.

    iPhone/iPod Touch - By connecting your Sooloos system to a wireless router, it can be controlled by the Safari browser on your iPhone or iPod Touch.

  • Documents
    Control 15 Quick Start Guide C15 v1.2 (624.6kb)
    Control:Creston User manual (1,354.8kb)
    Control:iTouch User manual (572.9kb)
    Control:PC User manual (5,342.4kb)
    Sooloos Control Web/PC/Mac Guide (2,840.6kb)
    Sooloos iPod & iPhone Set Up Guide (572.9kb)
    Sooloos Set Up Guide Component (1,841.8kb)
    Sourceless Quick Start Guide C10 (1,838.3kb)
    Sourceless Quick Start Guide C15 v1.4 (1,660.0kb)
    Control 10: Datasheet v2 07-10-2009 (830.6kb)
    Control 15 Datasheet (German) (1,218.9kb)
    Control 15: Datasheet v1.2 08/07/2010 (216.1kb)
    Control 15: Datasheet v1.3 19/07/2010 (1,698.7kb)
    Control 15: Datasheet v1.6 02/01/2015 (1,244.5kb)
    Control 15: New Product Information 2010 (56.7kb)
    Control Apps. PC & Mac v2.1 13-04-2010 (962.0kb)
    Control Bridge; Datasheet (1,074.5kb)
    Control: One; Datasheet (818.4kb)
    Control:15; Press Release (94.1kb)
    Control; Integ. Products v2.1 13-04-2010 (469.2kb)
    Sooloos Core Control; iPad Application (1,135.1kb)
    Sooloos Crestron Module Guide (1,354.8kb)
    Sooloos v2 User Interface Aug 2009 (5,053.0kb)
    Tech. Note TN21.1Control 10 with DSP (235.2kb)
    Tech. Note TN24; With a G Controller (298.0kb)
    Tech. Note TN33; Bios update (1,039.3kb)
    Photos (view all)
    Control 10 in black limited edition of 6 (79.8kb)
    Control 10 Photo Browser - mockup (164.7kb)
    Control 15 in black (472.5kb)
    Control10v1 Output Board (89.3kb)
    Control10v2 Output Board (89.6kb)
    Control15v1 Output Board (68.1kb)
    Control:10 Inside Base (early model) (207.8kb)
    Control:10; connection detail (40.3kb)
    Control:15; Rear view (240.0kb)
    Control:20 (59.1kb)
    Control:20: Rear view (23.8kb)
    Control:Bridge Front view (82.0kb)
    Control:Bridge; connection detail (136.3kb)
    Sooloos-control-on-black (145.4kb)
    Tech. Note 78; Control Protocol v1.10 (133.6kb)
    Control 10 & Ensemble; Dec 09 (German) (1,535.1kb)
    Control 10; 2010 Tone Audio (1,004.8kb)
    Control 15; Hi Fi World August 2011 (2,300.6kb)
    Control:1 & Ensemble; Heimkino 12 Jan 09 (278.2kb)
    Control:10 & Ensemble; June 10 (German) (1,376.2kb)
    Control 10 & 808.3; TAS August 2010 (link)
    Control 10 Home Theater Sept 2009 (link)
    Control 10 Stereophile Oct 2009 (link)
    Control 15; Sound & Vision Nov 2010 (link)
    Control One What Hi Fi (link)
    Control:15; Audiophile Review (link)
    Internet Links
    Official Web site (link)

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