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40th Ann. Special Edition in Ruby Red
DSP8000 Electronics
DSP8000 Front
DSP8000 Head
DSP8000 Head; Cut-a-way
DSP8000 Side; bass drivers
DSP8000 Three-quarter view (1)
DSP8000 Three-quarter view (2)
DSP8000 Transformers
DSP8000; (white)
DSP8000; Amplifier board
DSP8000; Amplifier case
DSP8000; Amplifiers and case
DSP8000; Bass Amplifier board
DSP8000; Bass Unit
DSP8000; Connection detail
DSP8000; Connections board
DSP8000; DSP board
DSP8000; Electronics board no bass amps
DSP8000; Packaging
DSP8000; Rear no electronics
DSP8000; Rear open case
DSP8000; Rear view
DSP8000; Rosso Corsa Assembly
DSP8000; Transport requirements!

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