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Learning/programmable remote control
The Meridian System Remote Plus is an advanced, backlit, learning/programmable remote control that provides a comprehensive range of commands to allow you to control every product in your Meridian system straight out of the box. You can also use it to control your other equipment.

The MSR+ provides a total of 51 keys to give access to all the most frequently used commands of your Meridian products, and a function (or shift) key for additional, less frequently-needed operations.

For easy selection of sources the MSR+ provides 12 source keys corresponding to the sources provided by Meridian digital surround controllers and preamplifiers.

New MSR+ (CES 2010)
In addition to the buttons fitted to the remote, extra key caps are supplied with the following labels: LD; LP; PVR; DVD-R; SLS; MUSIC; MOVIE; TUNER; DAB; GAME 2; SAT 2; IPOD. There are also an additional three blank key caps.

Changing the sensitivity of the back-light
Dissassembly of the unit is easy: the manual covers how to take off the metal top (to change keys), after this is done there are many small 'philips' screws to be taken off and that's it. Take the batteries off too.

Then you remove the black plastic cover: into this one sits the clear plastic we see from outside, my first try was to simply take this off (maybe blocking too much light?) but it is well designed and no, it does not block too much light. (Picture)

Now it's time to remove the soft key support, with care to avoid chasing keys around... This lets the electronics board in sight (picture) it can be removed just pushing the batteries springs from behind, easy.

There are many small SMD parts, put fortunately the light sensor is big and on the board back there is place 'to do things' (picture).

Ok, now it's just question to solder one resistor in parallel with the light sensor legs. 10k will 'kill' the backlight, 100k (picture) is too small a change (for me at least) and 47k (picture) worked fine for me. Maybe other will need around 30k (less sensitive)...

Assembly afterwards is easy, just take care when pushing the board to the plastic base (pay attention to the battery springs so that they went smooth).

And thats it! Now it works as intended: backlight (and HF noise) only when you are really dark, but not in daylight or with good lighting. Batteries should last more too :)
MSR+ User Manual (2,632.3kb)
MSR+ User Manual Part no: MSR+/3 (610.6kb)
MSR+ Datasheet (German) (114.9kb)
MSR+ Datasheet v3 20-10-2003 (117.1kb)
MSR+ Datasheet v3.1 10-08-2004 (1,525.7kb)
MSR+ RC5 Codes (142.8kb)
Photos (view all)
MSR+ (401.2kb)
MSR+ Black (at CES 2010) (209.2kb)
MSR+ Black (Movie prop) (137.7kb)
MSR+ Circuit board (380.8kb)
MSR+ Interior (312.9kb)
MSR+ Interior cover removed (267.7kb)
MSR+ Interior key pad removed (377.1kb)
MSR+ Interior Mod 100k Light sensor (141.5kb)
MSR+ Interior Mod 47k Light sensor (147.2kb)
MSR+ Interior Mod Board (143.3kb)
MSR+ Interior Mod Light clear sensor (133.4kb)
MSR+ Interior Mod light sensor (76.2kb)
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