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Complete surround sound system in a box
G95 User manual Part no: G95/1 (P86016) (3,573.5kb)
G95 Datasheet (German) (245.5kb)
G95 Datasheet v1.8 04-01-2007 (964.4kb)
G95 Datasheet v2.0 28-07-2008 (2,434.2kb)
G95 Datasheet v2.3 05-03-2007 (1,041.3kb)
News item; Gramophone May 2007 (152.0kb)
Tech. Note TN4; video output PCB replace (617.9kb)
Photos (view all)
G95 Front view (85.8kb)
G95 Inside Closeup (152.8kb)
G95 Internal view (508.9kb)
G95 Rear; CE version (182.7kb)
G95 Rear; US version (161.9kb)
Editors CHoice; Hi Fi News Yearbook 2007 (535.2kb)
G95 (Digitalis Hazimozi 2007 Hungarian) (2,700.8kb)
G95 Review (group) (Polish) Lipiec 2007 (1,253.2kb)
G95 Review (Stereo Jan 2008 German) (882.6kb)
G95 Review, Hi-Fi News May 2007 (2,067.6kb)
AV Hub, Summer 2008 (link)
G95 Review (Polish) (link)
G95 Review Sound & Vision Dec 2007 (link)
G95 Review techradar.com (link)
G95 Review; What Hi-Fi (link)
Home Theatre Oct 2007 (link)
Home Theatre Review.com Oct 2008 (link)
Internet Links
G95 Official Website (link)

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