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24-bit 192kHz DAC for maximum analogue performance
G06.2 and G08.2 Installation Guide GCD/4 (256.1kb)
G06 Datasheet (832.1kb)
G06 Datasheet v1.3 28-02-2006 (832.1kb)
G06.2 Datasheet v1 11-01-2007 (928.9kb)
G06.2 Datasheet v2.1 14-03-2008 (1,101.2kb)
G06.2; Datasheet (German) (1,539.1kb)
Photos (view all)
G06 Circuit board (172.1kb)
G06 Internal view (179.9kb)
G06.2 Rear (144.0kb)
GO6.2 CD Player; slot detail (174.5kb)
G06 Review (Stereo May 2006 German) (1,081.1kb)
G06 Review (Stereoplay May 2006 German) (429.4kb)
G06 Review Hi Files Sept 2006 (Serbian) (116.9kb)
G06.2 Review (Stereo Mar 2009 German) (707.2kb)
G06.2 Review Stereo & Image (French) (1,068.7kb)
G06 Review November 2006 (Italian) (link)
G06 Review Smarhouse.com Dec 2006 (link)
Internet Links
G06.2 Official Website (link)

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