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Reference CD Player and Sooloos Zone with pre-amp functions. v6 announced.
808v5 - Current model. (The last few Anniversary sets included this model.)

808v4 - Anniversary 808 CD player.

808.3 - Feb 2010

The new Signature Reference CD & Network Player includes input and twin output SpeakerLink connections,
preamplifier functionality and a slot for the ID40 Sooloos card.

808i - Includes optional cards to add a pre-amp

808 - Reference CD Player
808 CD Player User Guide v1 (1,347.9kb)
808 CD Player User Guide v5 (641.9kb)
808.2 & 808.2i CD Player User Guide (587.6kb)
808.3 CD Player User Guide Pt no 808U/3 (617.8kb)
808/DSP8000 Ann. System User Guide (6,087.7kb)
808 Advertisement; Hi Fi World Jan 2006 (328.7kb)
808 Datasheet v1.1; Special Edition (832.8kb)
808 Datasheet v1.4; Special Edition (839.4kb)
808(i) Datasheet (656.6kb)
808(i) Datasheet v3.5 (4,685.6kb)
808.2 Datasheet (3,747.7kb)
808.3 Datasheet (Jan 2010 CES) (810.9kb)
808.3 Datasheet (Feb 2010) (2,902.1kb)
808.3 Datasheet v2.4 26-10-2010 (2,902.1kb)
808v5 Datasheet 04-12-2012 (1,952.0kb)
808v5 Datasheet v2.8 05-12-2012 (1,939.4kb)
808v6 Datasheet v3.4 24/4/2015 (1,509.8kb)
808v6 Datasheet v3.8 28/10/2015 (1,487.3kb)
Brochure 808 & DSP7200 (629.9kb)
Datasheet 808v6; v3.1 05-01-2015 (1,636.7kb)
News item; 808 Hi Fi News Nov 2004 (238.7kb)
News item; 808.3 Hi Fi Choice Mar 2010 (1,376.7kb)
News item; 808.3 Hi Fi News March 2010 (202.2kb)
Press release 808.3 Jan 2010 (34.5kb)
Press release; 40th Ann. Special Edition (248.4kb)
Press Release; 808v6 (151.2kb)
Press Release; Performance Upgrades (112.7kb)
Tech. Note TN22; upgrade 808 to 808.2 (1,789.6kb)
Photos (view all)
40th Ann. Special Edition in Ruby Red (42.4kb)
808 Chassis (337.3kb)
808 Flap down (26.5kb)
808 Internal view (403.6kb)
808 Rear view (non-SpeakerLink) (39.8kb)
808.2 Front view (161.8kb)
808.2 Rear view (113.8kb)
808.3 CD Player; White (CES 2011) (90.9kb)
808.3 Front view (192.2kb)
808.3 Rear view (220.9kb)
808.3 Three-quarter view; graphite (253.6kb)
808.3; 40th Ann. Special Edition. (268.4kb)
808i.2 Rear view (pre-amp version) (141.4kb)
808 Review Sept 2006 (1,184.8kb)
808 Review; Audio Jan 2006 (German) (643.4kb)
808 Review; Australian Hi Fi May 2011 (879.1kb)
808 Review; The Inner Ear (108.1kb)
808.2 Review (Hi Fi News June 2008) (3,333.3kb)
808.3; av magazin April 2011 (German) (1,820.4kb)
808.3; Stereo August 2010 (German) (1,582.6kb)
808i Review (Hi Fi World Jan 2006) (1,690.4kb)
808i Review - Oct 2005 (796.3kb)
808i Review April 2005 (1,746.3kb)
808i Review Feb 2005 (1,705.1kb)
808i Review; Oct 2005 (Norwegian) (1,700.2kb)
808i.2 Review Stereophile April 2009 (1,276.4kb)
808v6 with MQA (1,895.8kb)
DSP7200 & 808.2i TAS, August 2009 (969.3kb)
DSP7200 & 808.2i WHF S&V Sept 2008 (772.5kb)
DSP7200 & 808.2i, Tone Audio Issue 19 (2,905.2kb)
DSP7200 & 808.2i; Hi Fi Critic 2009 (1,952.6kb)
Editors CHoice; Hi Fi News Yearbook 2008 (628.2kb)
Review; Hi Fi Choice Awards 2010 (5,154.8kb)
808.3 Review; techradar, Oct 2010 (link)
808i & DSP5200 smarthouse.com Mar 2007 (link)
808i.2 Review; Enjoy the Music.com (link)
Control 10 & 808.3; TAS August 2010 (link)
Internet Links
808.2 & DSP 7200 Smarthouse Feb 2008 (link)
808.3 Official website (link)

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