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Portable, compact and rugged USB DAC
Explorer FAQs & Tips (53.7kb)
Explorer; Anatomy (1,606.7kb)
Explorer; Datasheet v1.2 (327.6kb)
Explorer; Datasheet v1.2 (German) (591.8kb)
Explorer; Press release (73.1kb)
Photos (view all)
Explorer and box (120.5kb)
Explorer and box contents (113.4kb)
Internal & external view (205.0kb)
Internal & external view (2) (31.6kb)
Review; HI Fi Vision 23/2013 (German) (1,516.6kb)
Review; Lite magazin Xmas 2014 (German) (1,969.5kb)
Review; Maclife.de July 2013 (German) (844.4kb)
Review; Macrewind February 2013 (German) (147.0kb)
Review; Stereoplay.de 3/13 (German) (1,604.1kb)
Review; Tone Audio February 2013 (781.1kb)
Review; Computer Audiophile Feb 2013 (link)
Review; hi fi+ February 2013 (link)
Secrets of Home Theater & High Fidelity (link)
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