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No longer available. v4 was final version.
Flagship DVD player original launched in 199x and has seen 4 major revisions:-

v1 - Original Player with MHR & component outputs.
v2 -
v3 -

  • DVD-Audio from the inventors of MLP
  • Movies in 96kHz/24-bit resolution
  • Ultimate sound and picture quality
  • Encrypted digital output
  • MHR Smart Link
  • Enhanced CD playback

    v4 - Added HDMI output (Up to 1080p)

  • CO00: Control computer card. Complete with Flash memory, RS232 port for control and status, 3 configurable trigger outputs and Meridian Comms.
  • OE22: Digital Output card with 6- channel 24-bit, 96 kHz output with MHR, plus 2-channel 24/96 output with MHR.
  • DV02: DVD control computer card. Complete with Flash memory upgradeable via dedicated RS232 port.
  • DV12: Video DSP card for DVD stream decoding of MPEG video, MPEG audio and Dolby Digital material. Also supports DTS streams.
  • DV20: MLP decoder card for DVD-Audio.
  • VE00: Video encoder. Generates NTSC or PAL (software switchable) in composite, S-video or component formats. Features wide video bandwidth, low noise and extended black level setting.
  • VI00: Video Input (A/D) card with 2 composite, 2 S-Video and 1 interlaced component input. Converts analogue video inputs to digital.
  • VE12: Provides HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) video and 2-channel audio* output to a compatible display, plus progressive component video out.

    800v4DAX adds the following:
  • OA24: 2-channel analogue output, balanced and unbalanced, with 24-bit, 192 kHz converters.

    Older versions could be upgraded by Meridian to v4, but this is no longer the case.
  • Documents
    800v3 User manual Part no: 800U/4 (2,409.6kb)
    800v4 User manual Part no: 800U/5 (3,329.6kb)
    800 & 861v3 Datasheet (German) (480.7kb)
    800 Reference Data Card (129.6kb)
    800 RS232 Interface v1 11-06-1999 (5.5kb)
    800v2 Datasheet (1,678.6kb)
    800v3 Datasheet (214.4kb)
    800v3 FAQ Session (2002) (270.8kb)
    800v4 Datasheet (811.9kb)
    861 & 800 Dimensions (18.8kb)
    861 & 800 Dimensions (Rack Mount) (19.8kb)
    Addendum; Progressive option for 800 (172.9kb)
    Meridian MHR Smart Link (94.5kb)
    News item; 800 Hi Fi News June 2005 (240.8kb)
    News item; Gramophone Nov 1999 (140.1kb)
    News item; Hi Fi News April 2002 (283.8kb)
    News item; Hi Fi News Oct 1999 (180.8kb)
    News item; Hi Fi News Sept 2002 (155.0kb)
    Tech. Note TN19; Updating firmware (326.5kb)
    Photos (view all)
    800 & 861; Front view (72.8kb)
    800 Backplane C00 & TM10 (326.0kb)
    800 DVD Player (16.8kb)
    800 v2 DVD Player front (96.9kb)
    800 v2 DVD Player rear (199.6kb)
    800 v4 Rear view (210.9kb)
    800; Fan, power supply and drive (310.3kb)
    800; Fan, ps, capacitor board (314.7kb)
    800v4 DAX Rear view (172.8kb)
    800/861 v3 Hi Fi Choice; Aug 2002 (1,898.6kb)
    800 & 861 v3 Review (TPV Mar/April 2003) (227.8kb)
    800 & 861 V3 Review Hi-Fi World Dec 2002 (170.6kb)
    800 & 861v3 (TAS February 2003) (172.0kb)
    800 Review (Hifi News - Jun 2003) (2,334.1kb)
    DSP7000, 861 & 800; Audio 2004 (German) (1,218.5kb)
    AVRev October 2000 (link)
    Home Theatre Review.com Oct 2008 (link)
    hometheatrehifi.com Jan 2001 (link)
    Internet Links
    800v4 Official Website (link)

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