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System Reviews & System connecting leads (pin-outs) & M & S lead pin-outs
The 500 Series launch News item 1993 (Gramophone) states there will even be an "intelligent" version of the new MSR handset which can learn the control codes used by other manufacturers!
2 Room Plus System (34.7kb)
500 Comms lead pinout (144.0kb)
500 Series Fact Book (1,509.2kb)
500 Series launch News item 1993 (163.9kb)
Advert 500 Series; Hi Fi Choice Oct 1996 (344.3kb)
Advert 500 Series; What Hi Fi Feb 1994 (681.9kb)
M5 & S5 lead pin-out diagram (183.3kb)
News item; Hi Fi Choice 1993 (236.7kb)
News item; Hi Fi Choice July 1996 (386.5kb)
News item; Hi Fi News Sept 2002 (154.1kb)
Obtain EDID Info from a Display Device (20.2kb)
Photos (view all)
500 Series 562v2 and 568.2mm rear view (230.9kb)
500 Series 562v2, 568, 596, 505 and 556 (118.0kb)
500 Series 562v3, 568.2 & 598 (148.9kb)
500 Series Smartlink (128.3kb)
500 Series Smartlink (large) (220.5kb)
500 System Review Gramophone Feb 1998 (869.7kb)
500 Theatre System Hi Fi Choice Mar 1995 (4,495.0kb)
500 Theatre System Home Ent. Feb 1995 (1,027.4kb)
Review of 508 504 501 and 555 - Sept 94 (2,940.5kb)
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