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DSP-based Digital Active audio system for the Jaguar XF
The XF range builds upon Jaguar’s long-held reputation for automotive innovation and efficiency, providing the driver with a perfectly balanced combination of comfort and exhilaration, power and beauty.

Innovation and efficiency are also at the heart of Meridian digital signal processing (DSP) technology. The result is a choice of two Meridian in-car entertainment systems that deliver the very highest quality sound for driver and passengers alike – the kind of sound and performance you’d expect from a high-end home audio system.

With 11 loudspeakers, the Meridian Sound System rewards the listeners with a natural and refined performance of crystal-clear highs and full, deep bass. With the extra DSP performance of Trifield, the Meridian Surround Sound System’s 17 loudspeakers immerse all passengers in true surround sound luxury - a world away from what’s happening outside.

2 Options are on Offer:-

Meridian Sound System
With 12 channels, 380 watts of power, dual-subwoofer and 11 loudspeakers strategically positioned throughout the vehicle cabin, the Meridian Sound System comes complete with Dynamic Volume Control which maintains a consistent volume despite changes in external and engine noise, providing all passengers with a clear, uninterrupted audio experience, whatever the driving conditions. Meridian Cabin Correction is also incorporated to ensure clarity and definition for every instrument and vocal.

Sophisticated digital signal processing (DSP) technology delivers the most realistic audio reproduction possible – full frequency range, distortion-free and always true to the original performance.

And for complete flexibility, the system includes inputs for iPod or other personal stereo players, USB media and other compatible platforms.

Meridian Surround Sound System
The powerful 15-channel 825-watt Meridian Surround Sound System boasts 17 loudspeakers, strategically positioned throughout the vehicle cabin to maximise the enveloping surround sound experience. The system incorporates Trifield technology, which delivers a consistent, concert-like performance for all passengers. Each occupant enjoys the same feeling that the music is being played just for them, immersing them in an audio delight that touches the senses.

Our unique approach of benchmarking audio reproduction against the human voice and real musical instruments delivers unbeatable sound quality and an effect that’s true to the original performance, whatever your music preference.

The innovative Meridian Cabin Correction tunes the audio system precisely to the acoustics of the vehicle cabin, preserving the natural rhythm of the music and ensuring perfect clarity and definition for every instrument and vocal, whilst Dynamic Volume Control ensures a consistent volume, regardless of what is going on outside.
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