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DSP-based Digital Active audio systems for the Range Rover
The all-new Range Rover has a clean and elegant shape which is derived from a fresh new interpretation of classic design. While instantly recognisable as a Range Rover, the new vehicle takes a significant step forward with a bold evolution of the model’s iconic design language. Meridian has developed a choice of three sound systems for the all-new Range Rover, including the world-first 3D in-car surround sound experience.

3 Different options are on offer:-

Meridian Sound System
The 380 watt, 12-channel Meridian Sound System boasts 13 speakers, optimally positioned throughout the vehicle, filling the all-new Range Rover’s luxurious cabin with rich, deep stereo sound.

The system employs the latest digital signal processing (DSP) technologies to provide detailed, realistic musical reproduction, just as the artist intended. Meridian Cabin Correction is also incorporated, which tunes the audio system precisely to the acoustics of the vehicle cabin, ensuring clarity and definition to each instrument and vocal.

Dynamic Volume Control monitors all exterior and ambient noise, adjusting the volume to provide a consistent audio experience, whilst Digital Dither Shaping preserves the sound quality for all supported sources, enabling the finest natural details become clear.

Meridian Surround Sound System
Comprising 19 speakers, including a dual-channel subwoofer, the 825 watt, 16-channel Meridian Surround Sound System puts all occupants at the heart of the audio performance, delivering an engaging, concert-like experience with impressive surround sound.

A distinctive element of the Meridian Surround Sound System is Trifield technology, which creates a consistent experience, optimised for each seating position. Trifield expands the sense of space within the cabin, creating an enveloping, rich sound-field.

With over 35 years of expertise in digital signal processing technology (DSP), Meridian’s Surround Sound System delivers authentic musical reproduction, comparable to the sound of the original performance. Meridian also employs Digital Dither Shaping to ensure the finest natural details of the music become clear for all supported sources, and to maximise resolution and intelligibility – particularly important for radio programmes and telephone conversations.
The system incorporates Meridian Cabin Correction which ensures the natural rhythm and timing of music is preserved and bass pitch is smooth and balanced. Dynamic Volume Control is also integrated to ensure a consistent music volume, whatever the environment.

Meridian Signature Reference System
A world-first for in-car entertainment, the 1700 watt Meridian Signature Reference System comprises 29 speakers, including 4 roof mounted speakers and 6 seat-back centre speakers to deliver three-dimensional musical performances, giving listeners the sense of “being there”.

The system takes surround sound to the next level. Trifield 3D extends the proven concepts of Trifield processing to provide additional signal feeds for height speakers for a truly realistic, personal musical experience. Developed exclusively by Meridian, Trifield 3D creates the best in-car musical experience. All occupants benefit from engaging, fully immersive performances.

Sophisticated digital signal processing (DSP) technology enables the delivery of full frequency, distortion-free sound, comparable to the sound of the original performance, whilst Meridian Cabin Correction tailors the audio system precisely to the acoustics of the vehicle cabin, ensuring clarity and definition for all instruments and vocals.

Additionally, Digital Dither Shaping is employed by the system, ensuring resolution and intelligibility is maximised, particularly important for listening to radio programmes and telephone conversations. Dynamic Volume Control is also integrated, enabling sound quality to stay consistent, regardless of the environment.

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