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DSP-based Digital Active audio systems for the Freelander 2
The Freelander 2 builds upon Land Rover's unwavering reputation for designing and building 4x4s that define capability, versatility and usability. Land Rover has given the Freelander 2 a premium overhaul, delivering even more comfort, convenience and driving enjoyment.

Meridian combines innovative technology with the most natural and fundamental of approaches: comparing musical reproduction to the sound of the original musical performance. To complement Freelander 2's refined, versatile interior, Meridian has developed two custom-made in-car entertainment systems to deliver engaging, realistic performances - just as the artist intended.

The Meridian Sound System delivers effortless and natural stereo sound through 11 loudspeakers, whilst the Meridian Surround Sound System incorporates Trifield technology to generate engaging surround sound performances for all occupants via 17 loudspeakers. As pioneers of digital signal processing (DSP) technology, the Meridian systems produce distortion-free sound, tuned to cabin acoustics for maximum digital audio detail from all supported sources.

2 Options are on offer:-

Meridian Sound System
The Meridian Sound System is a 380 watt, 12-channel stereophonic system featuring 11 loudspeakers including a dual-channel subwoofer.

The system employs sophisticated digital signal processing (DSP) technology to create authentic musical reproduction, comparable to the sound of the original performance. Meridian Cabin Correction is also incorporated, tuning the audio system precisely to the acoustics of the vehicle cabin, removing resonances and preserving the natural rhythm and of the music.

Digital Dither Shaping enables the finest natural details of the music to become clear from all supported sources and maximises resolution and intelligibility, allowing voices (spoken word) to be easily heard - particularly important for radio programmes and telephone conversations. Additionally, Dynamic Volume Control automatically compensates for changes in sound level within the vehicle to ensure that sound quality is always consistent.

Meridian Surround Sound System
The Meridian Surround Sound System is an 825 watt, 16-channel surround sound system featuring 17 loudspeakers including a dual-channel subwoofer.

A significant, distinctive element of the Meridian Surround Sound System is Trifield technology, which generates a full, stable and consistent central image for every occupant. Trifield delivers an immersive, concert-like experience, expanding the sense of space within the cabin.

Modern digital audio systems take in many different sources that must be digitally converted to maintain the best sound possible. Meridian uses Digital Dither Shaping to ensure the finest natural details of the music become clear, and to maximise resolution and intelligibility - particularly important for radio programmes and telephone conversations.

The system also employs Meridian Cabin Correction which tailors precisely to the vehicle cabin to automatically ensure clarity and definition for every instrument and vocal. Dynamic Volume Control is also incorporated to ensure a consistent music volume, regardless of what is going on outside.
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