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DSP-based Digital Active audio system for the Jaguar XJ Ultimate
The flagship XJ Ultimate heralds a brand new interpretation of Jaguar's long-established reputation for dramatic design, innovation, luxury, and - with its lightweight aluminium architecture - responsible performance.

For the XJ Ultimate, Jaguar wanted an in-car audio system designed and manufactured with the same attention to detail as the car itself.

Specifically crafted to complement the unique interior space and provide a fully immersive, enriching driving experience, the ground-breaking Meridian Surround Sound System expands the sense of space within the cabin and creates a captivating, concert-like experience for each passenger.

The Meridian Surround Sound System is the perfect complement to the pinnacle of the Jaguar range - the XJ Ultimate - helping to create a journey of pure, unparalleled luxury.

As standard includes:-

The 825 watt, 15 channel Meridian Surround Sound System employs 20 loudspeakers, and is equipped with our unique Trifield system to create an all-enveloping field of sound that makes each passenger feel that the music is exclusively focused on them.

Sound quality throughout the vehicle cabin is second to none, and truer to the original performance - due to our unique approach of benchmarking the audio reproduction against real musical instruments and the human voice. Innovative Meridian Cabin Correction tailors the audio system to the natural acoustics of the vehicle cabin, providing greatly enhanced sound quality in all seating positions. Dynamic Volume Control monitors noise levels, helping to maintain a constant volume no matter what is happening outside.

Each of the 20 individual Meridian speakers in the XJ Ultimate is strategically placed to optimise sound transmission and deliver a brilliant concert-like performance for every passenger, expanding the sense of space within the cabin.
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