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Single Ended Output (24bit/192Khz Dac)
From what I can see, only 1 version was released:

507.24 - 24bit/192Khz Dac taken from the 508 but with single ended outputs only
507.24 User manual (286.0kb)
507 Datasheet Nov 2001 (German) (309.2kb)
507.24 Datasheet (48.5kb)
Advert; 507 Hi Fi News Sept 2002 (323.3kb)
News item; 507 Hi Fi News May 2002 (73.3kb)
Photos (view all)
507 Front; contols (288.2kb)
507 Connections (51.4kb)
507 Rear view (226.6kb)
507 Three-quarter view (245.3kb)
507.24 Front view (247.0kb)
507 Review (Gramophone - June 2002) (966.4kb)
507 Review AudioEnz January 2003 (67.1kb)
507 Review Hi Fi Choice; Sept 2001 (221.9kb)
507 Review Hi Fi World; June 2002 (725.8kb)
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