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Audio Core 200
The is the long awaited successor to the 562 - the AC200. It serves as a gateway to Meridian DSP speakers with analog, digital and USB inputs and SpeakerLink outputs, and will retail for approximately $2500.

USB input is not Asynchronous.
AC200 User Manual (175.8kb)
AC200 & DSP3200 Brochure (552.5kb)
AC200 & DSP3200 Datasheet (German) (1,335.2kb)
AC200 Datasheet (Swedish) (150.0kb)
AC200 Datasheet v1.3 27-10-2010 (382.0kb)
AC200 Firmware Upgrade Nov 2011 (29.5kb)
AC200 New Product Information Nov 2010 (60.9kb)
Hooking up SpeakerLink (911.0kb)
News item; Hi Fi World March 2011 (364.4kb)
Press Release DSP3200 & AC200 (1,146.7kb)
Photos (view all)
AC200 (38.0kb)
AC200 with DSP3200's (184.7kb)
AC200; black (50.4kb)
AC200; Rear view connections (89.3kb)
Review; M6, AC200 & MC200 (German) (3,723.6kb)
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