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CD Transport with coax & optical digital outputs
3 Versions of this transport, easily identified by serial number & addition XLR socket on rear:

MK1 - (Serial numbres starting with 500 1xxxxx)

MK2 - Triple Beam Laser with additional AES/EBU output on XLR (Serial numbers starting with 500 2xxxxxx)

MK3 - Late build, not sure of any differences to the MK2 (Serial numbers starting with 500 3xxxxxx)
500.2 User manual (371.3kb)
500.2 Datasheet (98.9kb)
Photos (view all)
500 Front (384.1kb)
500 Mk.1 Rear (70.4kb)
500 Mk.1; CD drawer detail (50.7kb)
500 Mk.2 Rear (115.4kb)
500 Mk.2; CD drawer detail (174.7kb)
500 Mk.3 Rear (239.0kb)
500 Rear (286.3kb)
AESEBU to SPDIF (88.0kb)
500 & DSP6000 What Hi Fi June 1996 (70.4kb)
500 563 Review - Feb 1994 (1,016.9kb)
500 563 Review - Hi Fi News Jan 1994 (931.9kb)
500 563 Review Audiophile Jan 1994 (1,861.9kb)
500 563 Review; Hi Fi Choice August 1994 (462.8kb)
500 563 Review; Hi Fi Choice Sept 1994 (341.7kb)
500 CD & DSP 5000; Hi-Fi Choice Mar 1994 (1,458.5kb)
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