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Three-way analogue active speaker with 3x75w amps
Like the DSP5000's (which these are based on) there are 3 version.

M60 First release, square top single ended input (phono)
M60 Second release, still a square top but includes both single ended and balanced inputs (can only use one at a time as both always active)
M60.2 Smiley Face, single & balanced inputs.
M60 Centre User Guide (29.7kb)
M60 Mk. II User Guide April 1993 (3,965.9kb)
M60 Datasheet (53.2kb)
M60 Schematics (623.0kb)
M60.2 Centre Datasheet (183.1kb)
Tech. Note TN29; Tweeter Identification (106.2kb)
Photos (view all)
M60 Horizontal centre (93.2kb)
M60 Horizontal centre; driver & port (67.4kb)
M60 Pair Rosewood (51.8kb)
M60 Pair; without grilles (49.7kb)
M60 Rear; 100xxx Serial No. (133.7kb)
M60.2 Front (51.4kb)
M60; Response settings (87.2kb)
M60c Rear MK1 with Balanced input (74.6kb)
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