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2way active speaker
Sensitivity: 500mV @ 10k
Max output: 100dB @ 1m -3dB at 38Hz and 20KHz
Internal amplifiers: Bass 70W, tweeter 35W
Number of drivers: 1x110mm bass, 1xdome tweeter
Dimensions (WHD): 17x36.5x30cm, weight with stand 12kg
M3 Handbook (834.9kb)
M3 Handbook (1,176.4kb)
M2/M3 New Interactive stands (5,134.6kb)
Transformer Rewire (299.2kb)
Photos (view all)
Exploded view of M3 (554.9kb)
M3 Front (18.3kb)
M3 Front; with grille (96.6kb)
M3 Front; without grille (102.2kb)
M3 Rear (16.7kb)
M3 Rear; Inputs (1,154.7kb)
M3 Tweeter (39.7kb)
M3 Tweeter Rear View (50.4kb)
M3 Tweeter Side View (30.6kb)
M3; Pair on original stands (20.3kb)
M3; Pair Rear View (224.1kb)
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