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2way, 3 driver active speaker
Sensitivity: 500mV @ 10k
Max output: 105dB @ 1m -3dB at 38Hz and 20KHz
Internal amplifiers: Bass 70W, tweeter 35W
Number of drivers: 2x110mm bass, 1xdome tweeter
Dimensions (WHD): 18x50x38cm, weight with stand 18kg

Wanted HiFi Answers Jan 1981 Meridian M2 Review
M2 User manual (3,522.0kb)
M2 Press Release (3,278.8kb)
M2 Specification (59.9kb)
M2/M3 New Interactive stands (5,134.6kb)
Transformer Rewire (299.2kb)
Photos (view all)
M2 Balanced Line Input (84.0kb)
M2 front and side (63.0kb)
M2 Front with grilles (166.9kb)
M2 Front without grilles (204.9kb)
M2 Low frequency drivers KEF B110 SP1057 (128.2kb)
M2 Power amplifier boards (164.6kb)
M2 Power amplifier boards (2) (217.8kb)
M2 Rear view (163.6kb)
M2 Rear; connections (53.6kb)
M2 Side view (224.6kb)
M2 Tweeter; KEF T52A SP1049 (early) (18.3kb)
M2 Tweeter; KEF T52B SP1072 (late) (15.6kb)
Original M2 Stands (109.3kb)
M2 Review Gramophone August 1981 (327.1kb)
M2 Review High Fidelity (1,432.2kb)
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