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Launched in early 2005, revised July 2008 & M & S lead pin-outs; product dimensions
Received major revision in July 2008 with all players being update to use a new slot based DVD drive, processors receving an USB audio input.
Configuration program guide (MCP/1) (782.8kb)
Configuration program guide (MCP/2) (1,528.8kb)
G Series System Guide GS/1 (4,124.4kb)
G Series System Guide GS/2 (5,937.7kb)
G Series System Guide v3 GS/3(P86023) (8,345.2kb)
01, 02, 07, 08, 51, 56, 91, 98 Dimension (96.2kb)
Advert; G Series Hi Fi News Oct 2004 (491.5kb)
G DAB Datasheet (745.9kb)
G55, G57 and G68; Dimensions (96.2kb)
Hooking up SpeakerLink (911.0kb)
M & S lead pin-out diagram (183.3kb)
News item; G Series Hi Fi News June 2005 (240.8kb)
News item; G Series Hi Fi News May 2005 (155.9kb)
News item; G Series Hi Fi News Nov 2003 (163.8kb)
Obtain EDID Info from a Display Device (20.2kb)
Press release; 14-07-2008 (28.1kb)
Tech. Note TN20.3 Replace PSU (522.1kb)
Tech. Note TN24; With a G Controller (298.0kb)
Tech. Note TN25; Access Mains Fuse (132.0kb)
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G Series (36.3kb)
G Series (2) (171.3kb)
Digitalis Hazimozi 2005 Hungarian (1,440.9kb)
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