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Integral pre-amp, FM/AM tuner & simple DSP modes
G91DH DVD Audio Player Controller Tuner
Audio inputs - 3 x two channel analogue, 2 x digital coax, 2 x digital optical, 1 x internal tuner
Audio outputs - 1 x two channel analogue, 3 x 2 channel digital for DSP speakers
Video inputs - 2 x composite, 3 x S-video, 1 x component
Video outputs - 1 x composite, 1 x S-video, 1 x component, 1 x HDMI - with on board scaling
Includes Dolby Digital, DTS and DVD-audio decoding for 5.1 channels

Note:Image of G91DH is showing optical inputs NOT outputs as labelled

The G91AH DVD Audio Player Controller Tuner
has both analogue and digital inputs and outputs for direct connection to Meridian DSP loudspeakers. The G91AH also offers three S-video inputs, two composite-video inputs, and an external component input. An internal video processor converts video input signals to all three formats plus HDMI, allowing a single connection to the display at the highest resolution the display will support.

The G91A is a development of the original G91 adding multichannel analogue output capability to the G91.

The standard version of the G91A includes an AM/FM tuner while an FM/DAB version is available for use in other parts of the world.

The G91S is the SCART version.

See also G56 for system review
G Series DVD User manual Part no: GDVD/3 (834.2kb)
G91 User manual Part no: GDVD/1 (1,495.6kb)
G9x RS232 Codes (68.0kb)
G91 Datasheet (1,537.3kb)
G91 Datasheet (German) (218.9kb)
G91 V1.27 Software Release Notes (44.6kb)
G91A Datasheet (452.8kb)
News item; G91 Hi Fi News Nov 2003 (163.1kb)
Tech. Note TN4; video output PCB replace (617.9kb)
Photos (view all)
G91 Front three-quarter view (163.4kb)
G91 Internal view (1) (468.1kb)
G91 Internal view (2) (440.0kb)
G91 Internal view (3) (474.6kb)
G91A-AM/FM; Rear (63.3kb)
G91A-DAB; Rear (83.1kb)
G91DH Internal view (490.2kb)
G91DH showing optical inputs NOT outputs (100.3kb)
G91DH; Front view (49.8kb)
G91DH; Rear view (78.5kb)
G91DH; Rear view left (128.1kb)
G91DH; Side view (46.7kb)
G91 and DSP33 Review 2005 (2,543.2kb)
G91 Review (Hi Fi Choice Nov 2004) (1,923.6kb)
G91 Review - (Hi-Fi Choice Oct 2005) (828.2kb)
G91A & G55 Stereoplay Oct 2006 (German) (1,592.5kb)
G91A Review (Audio Feb 2007 German) (1,106.5kb)
G91A, DSP3100 & SW1600 (1,539.5kb)
G91A, DSP5200, DSP3100 & SW5500 (1,620.7kb)
DSP3100 & G91A; Home Theater July 2006 (link)
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