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Surround sound processor, R version with room correction (smaller unit with no video switching)
Replacement G61R launch, so it now includes room correction

G61R v2 (Feb 2010)
G61R includes multiple analogue and digital audio input types including; Meridian
SmartLink for multi-channel connection to one of Meridianís advanced DVD Players such as G96, or for connection to a Meridian HD621; USB audio input for direct connection to personal computers or computer based media servers; Toslink optical digital inputs for connection to set-top boxes, etc; configurable multi-channel analogue inputs for connection to multi-channel music sources. All analogue inputs are processed at 24-bit, 96 kHz resolution.

HDMI audio sources can be connected to G61R via Meridianís HD621 HDMI Audio
Processor and Meridianís digital multi-channel SmartLink. Providing up to eight-channels of output for Meridianís DSP Loudspeakers via SpeakerLink, G61R can control any of Meridianís most sophisticated multi-channel systems. For customers with traditional power-amplifiers and passive loudspeakers, G61R offers analogue output for up to eight-channels on phono connectors.
G61 User manual (538.1kb)
G61R User manual (793.9kb)
G61RSL User manual v2 Part no: G61R/2 (667.3kb)
G61 Datasheet v1.5 (464.7kb)
G61 G61R Firmware Upgrade Nov 2011 (29.5kb)
G61 Press release 2005 (112.7kb)
G61R Datasheet (20-01-2009) (1,279.1kb)
G61R Datasheet (German) (4,413.4kb)
G61R Datasheet v2 (1,278.5kb)
G61R Press release (Cedia 2007) (132.8kb)
G61R v2 Datasheet (Jan 2010 CES) (3,255.3kb)
G61R v2 Press release (2010 CES) (31.6kb)
G61RSL v2.4 Datasheet (Feb 2010) (480.8kb)
News item G61; Hi Fi News Mar 2006 (168.9kb)
Tech. Note TN17; Trouble-shooting (109.9kb)
Photos (view all)
G61R Comms board (282.9kb)
G61R Digital input board (94.2kb)
G61R DSP board (289.6kb)
G61R Inside (370.4kb)
G61R Rear (226.2kb)
G61R v2 Front view (195.6kb)
G61RSL Rear (2) (145.2kb)
G61RSL Rear (168.5kb)
G61, G41 & A350i In-wall loudspeaker (219.8kb)
G61 & G55 Ultimate AV March 2007 (link)
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G61R Official Website (link)

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