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2x200 (1x650w bridged) Balanced/unbalanced inputs
See G02 for system review

G57 reintroduced in 2014 as G57-2
Power Amplifier Guide G55 & 57; GPA/4 (548.1kb)
Power Amplifier Guide G55, 56 & 57 (1,197.2kb)
G57-2 Datasheet v1.1 31-12-2013 (1,682.4kb)
G57 Datasheet (German) (145.6kb)
G57 Datasheet v3.0 20-10-2003 (871.5kb)
G57 Datasheet v3.1 10-08-2004 (911.1kb)
Photos (view all)
G57 Power Amplifier (90.5kb)
G57 Power Amplifier; Black (162.5kb)
G57 Power Amplifier; Internal view (177.1kb)
G02 G57 Stereo Prestige & Image (French) (797.3kb)
Internet Links
G57 Official Website (link)

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