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HDMI Audio Processor
Form factor
1U 19in rack mounting or free standing

Internal universal power supply, 100250Vac

Power input (IEC connector)
DB9M Sub RS232 serial connector
BNC and DIN Meridian Comms
Six HDMI input sockets
HDMI output
8-channel MMHR digital audio out (RJ45)
8-channel coax digital audio out (4 x phono)

Front-panel Indicators
Power LED
6 x HDMI Input LEDs (selected input lights)
HD621 TechNote 16 - MConfig (711.8kb)
HD621 User Guide v1.0a, 23-02-2009 (1,074.7kb)
HD621 User Guide v1.1, 01-04-2009 (1,075.3kb)
HD621 User Guide v1.1a, 01-05-2009 (1,126.6kb)
HD621 User Guide v1.3, 01-06-2009 (1,525.2kb)
HD621/2 User Guide Part no: (P88400) (558.3kb)
FAQ Configure HD621 in 2 channel system (529.0kb)
FAQ; Configure a HD621 in legacy system (528.5kb)
HD621 Audio Processor Version Notes (4.7kb)
HD621 Brochure (228.5kb)
HD621 Datasheet v1.3, 05-01-2009 (1,278.8kb)
HD621 Datasheet v1.4, 14-01-2009 (1,278.2kb)
HD621 Datasheet v1.6, 05-03-2009 (1,284.1kb)
HD621 Datasheet v1.7, 01-06-2009 (1,078.0kb)
HD621 Datasheet v2.0, 25-01-2012 (904.1kb)
HD621 Press release 25-03-09 (60.1kb)
HD621 Press release 3D Update (134.1kb)
HD621 Product Information (1,284.1kb)
HD621 Product Information (German) (895.5kb)
HD621 RS232 Control Information v1 (79.9kb)
HD621; Press release (Swedish) (756.2kb)
Photos (view all)
HD 621; Box contents (205.3kb)
HD621 Front; rack mounting (40.1kb)
HD621 Internal view (1) (366.2kb)
HD621 Internal view (2) (329.3kb)
HD621 Rear (101.6kb)
861 & HD621 Alpha Audio Nov 10 (Dutch) (link)
Review; residential systems Oct 28 2009 (link)
Internet Links
HD621 Official Website (link)
What Hi Fi S & V. March 20 2009 (link)

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