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Complete 200 series brochure showing multi-room systems & System connecting leads (pin-outs), 200 System review
As well as the "main stream" 200 series products a full range of components are shown for remote operation and multi-room applications. Active Loudspeakers described are the M20, M30 and M60 as well as the D600 loudspeaker and a passive wall mounted loudspeaker the P16.

Application of system connecting leads can be found in the 204 Tuner/Timer User Manual, pages 1 and 2 and in the 201 Pre-amplifier User Manual pages 1 and 2.

N.B. The 204 Tuner/Timer User Manual specifies a "Q" lead.

The "Q1" lead is supplied with the 604 tuner for use with the 201, 601 and 603; see the 604 User Manual page 19 onwards.

Whilst all images show black casings,they were also available in white for export markets.

Version information

200 Transport Only (2 versions)

203 DAC using bitstream (2 versions DAC5 and DAC7)and 263 using Delta Sigma chip set

206 CD Player 4 versions
16 bit serial no 1****
Bitstream serial no 2*****
DAC7 serial no 3*****
Delta Sigma serial no 4*****

207 CD Player 2 versions
MK1 14 bit red volume buttons
MK2 16 bit yellow volume buttons

208 CD Player 2versions
Bitstream serial no 1*****
Dac7 serial no 2*****
Multi-room Technical Reference Manual 1 (1,343.5kb)
Multi-room Technical Reference Manual 2 (1,611.2kb)
200 & Argent Series Brochure (6,719.5kb)
200 Multiroom System (984.0kb)
200 Series Brochure (7,474.6kb)
200 Series Lead Q1 Drawing (217.8kb)
200 Series Leads (A, B, E, P & Q1) (63.1kb)
Advertisement; Hi Fi News & R R Feb 1991 (453.9kb)
Article: High Fidelity April 1991 (3,678.7kb)
Article; Hi Fi News & R R March 2013 (445.0kb)
Photos (view all)
200 Communications P lead (203.7kb)
200 Transport & 203 DAC; Front view (2) (120.1kb)
200 Transport and 203 DAC; Drawer (85.2kb)
200 Transport and 203 DAC; Front view (119.5kb)
200 Transport and 203 DAC; Rear view (81.3kb)
207 CD Player Pre-amplifier in white (174.6kb)
200 Sys. & Argent 2; Audiophile July 91 (1,190.0kb)
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