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Balanced outputs, upsampling and also plays MP3 CDs
G06.2 and G08.2 Installation Guide GCD/4 (256.1kb)
G08 and G07 Installation Guide GCD/1 (150.0kb)
G08 Datasheet v3.0 17-10-2003 (616.9kb)
G08 Datasheet v3.3 16-03-2006 (181.4kb)
G08.2; Datasheet (German) (1,147.4kb)
G08.2; Datasheet v1.0 11-01-2008 (300.6kb)
G08.2; Datasheet v2.0 24-07-2008 (1,154.5kb)
G08.2; Datasheet v2.1 07-11-2008 (1,156.7kb)
News item: Hi Fi News Awards Nov 2006 (245.4kb)
News item: Hi Fi News Jan 2004 (224.9kb)
News item; Gramophone March 2004 (143.1kb)
Photos (view all)
G08 Internal view (332.3kb)
G08.2 Front view (138.8kb)
G08.2 Rear view (156.7kb)
G08.2; Front view (Black) (141.3kb)
G08.2; Front view (display) (135.2kb)
G08.2; Internal view (1) (379.4kb)
G08.2; Internal view (2) (398.3kb)
G08.2; Internal view (3) (318.8kb)
G08 AudioEnz April 2004 (98.0kb)
G08 Group Review (Hi-Fi News - Jul 2006) (2,089.4kb)
G08 Review (Hi-Fi News - April 2004) (984.5kb)
G08 Review Hi Files July 2005 (Serbian) (266.0kb)
G08 Review; Audio 2007 (Polish) (316.3kb)
G08 Review; Home Vision 2007 (German) (714.9kb)
G08 Review; Stereo Oct 2005 (German) (1,342.6kb)
G08.2 Hi-Fi Choice Nov 2008 (4,771.2kb)
G08.2 Review High End Sept 2008 (Slovak) (226.1kb)
G08.2 Review; Hi-Fi World March 2011 (1,059.9kb)
G08.2 Review; Stereo Oct 2008 (German) (651.1kb)
G08.2 Stereo & Image Sept 2009 (French) (2,016.7kb)
G08 July/August 2004 (link)
G08 Techradar Sept. 2008 (link)
Internet Links
G08.2 Official Website (link)

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