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2-way in-wall unit with auxiliary bass radiator & built-in high-order crossover
System: 2-way in-wall unit with Auxiliary Bass Radiator (ABR) & built-in high-order crossover.
Audiophile-grade components including Meridian-specified Supersound capacitors,
air-cored inductors and Van den Hul internal wiring throughout
Bass driver: 6.5in/165mm metal-coned driver
Tweeter :Wide-dispersion ribbon device
ABR :8in/200mm Auxiliary Bass Radiator
Impedance: Nominal 8Ω
Power handling: Suitable for 100?200W amplifiers

See also P320 for On-wall datasheet.

See also P320 for Rough-in information.

See also P320 for on-wall installation.

See also P320 for review.
300 Series In wall & flush Dims. depths (72.7kb)
300 Series Installation Loudspeakers (310.6kb)
300 Series; Dimensions (all variants) (125.2kb)
300 Series; Drawings (440.9kb)
300 Series; Flush & In wall (Part Nos.) (140.3kb)
On-wall bracket (46.1kb)
P330 Datasheet (539.8kb)
Photos (view all)
P330 Horizontal centre (14.9kb)
P330W Grille removed (103.4kb)
P330W Grille removed (2) (103.1kb)
P330W Mounting brackets (87.7kb)
P330W Rear (34.0kb)
AVRev 300 Series Review August 2007 (link)
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