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2-way in-wall/ceiling unit with built-in high-order crossover
System: 2-way in-wall/ceiling* unit with built-in high-order crossover.
Audiophile-grade components including Meridian-specified Supersound capacitors,
air-cored inductors and Van den Hul internal wiring throughout
Bass driver :6.5in/165mm metal-coned driver
Tweeter: Wide-dispersion ribbon device
Impedance: Nominal 8Ω
Power handling: Suitable for 100?200W amplifiers
300 Series In wall & flush Dims. depths (72.7kb)
300 Series Installation Loudspeakers (310.6kb)
300 Series on-wall centre installation (35.0kb)
300 Series on-wall installation (18.3kb)
300 Series Rough-in Information (456.6kb)
300 Series; Dimensions (all variants) (125.2kb)
300 Series; Drawings (440.9kb)
300 Series; Flush & In wall (Part Nos.) (140.3kb)
Active Installation speakers Datasheet (960.8kb)
News item; Gramophone Dec 2006 (134.9kb)
On-wall dimensions (53.6kb)
On-wall Speakers Datasheet 4-7-06 (1,287.4kb)
P320 Datasheet (539.8kb)
Photos (view all)
P320W with/without grilles (74.9kb)
P320W; Rear view (17.6kb)
300 Series Review Oct 2008 (link)
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P300 Series Official Website (link)

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