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Dual controller designed to drive Meridian SW320 subwoofers
The Meridian C52 combines the finest materials with state of the art design to create what we believe is a superior subwoofer controller, emphasising extreme bass, depth, clarity, control, and articulation.
Each unit provides two controller and power amplifier channels allowing the use of two independent subwoofers. Both digital and active analogue inputs are provided, allowing the C52 to be connected either to a digital surround controller or digital source with a digital coax output, or to an analogue preamplifier or surround controller with either phono or balanced outputs.

Digital connectivity
The unit employs 96kHz/24bit digital-to-analogue conversion and accept digital inputs up to 96kHz including those carrying MHR signals.
Separate analogue and digital power supplies are used to feed the C52ís precision electronic circuits, ensuring that both high and low power sections receive continual smooth supply.
If you are using the subwoofers with a digital source, such as CD or DVD, the signals remain in digital form until the last possible stage.

Subwoofer drivers
The C52 is designed to be used with Meridian Installation Series subwoofer driver assemblies such as the SW320. However, passive subwoofers with similar specifications and capabilities may alternatively be employed.

Power amplifiers
The C52 includes Class D high efficiency ultra low output impedance amplifiers, optimised for both music and movie soundtracks.
The whole electronic assembly is supplied from substantial toroidal transformers feeding high-quality, audiophile-grade capacitors.
C52 User manual (1,736.8kb)
C52 Datasheet (2,355.4kb)
C52/SW320 preliminary Datasheet 03-08-07 (2,355.4kb)
C52/SW320 preliminary Datasheet 03-10-07 (535.3kb)
C52/SW320 preliminary Datasheet 03-10-08 (1,884.2kb)
Photos (view all)
C52 Front (143.8kb)
C52 Rear (181.8kb)
C52 with SW320 (52.0kb)
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C52 Official Website (link)

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