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Rackmount G61 (Latest R version includes room correction)
2 Versions:-

G61R with Room correction
C61R User manual (2,117.5kb)
C61 Product dimensions (174.8kb)
C61R Datasheet (2,049.3kb)
C61R Datasheet 20-01-2009 (4,351.9kb)
C61R Firmware Upgrade Nov 2011 (29.5kb)
Tech. Note TN17; Trouble-shooting (109.9kb)
Photos (view all)
C61 Front (191.0kb)
C61 Rear (218.6kb)
C61R; Rear view Analogue inputs (416.4kb)
C61R; Rear view Analogue outputs (327.9kb)
C61R; Rear view Digital inputs (383.3kb)
Internet Links
C61R Official Website (link)

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