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Ipod dock (i80) for F80 Price of 195
i80 is the dedicated iPod dock for the F80

i88 is the dedicated iPod dock for the AD88

i80p offers iPod connectivity with almost any audio or home theatre system. A pair of phono sockets on the rear of the i80P allows connection to almost any sound system with analogue interconnects.

i80p Compatibility
Fully compatible with iPod Mini, iPod Nano, iPod Classic, iPod Touch. Compatible with iPhone and iPhone 3G Airplane mode recommended.
USB/Power connector (Type B)
2 x phono connectors for audio out
mini-DIN connector for RS232 control (future expansion)
i80 User Guide (609.3kb)
i80p Datasheet (1,645.0kb)
i80p Datasheet v1.2, 09-01-2009 (1,645.3kb)
Technical Note TN1; Firmware update (238.7kb)
Photos (view all)
i80; black (45.3kb)
i80p Rear (193.5kb)
i88 Dock (11.0kb)
Ipod (i80) Dock (56.6kb)
Internet Links
i80P Official Web site (link)

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