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Small standmount active loudspeaker
Frequency response: 38Hz-20,000Hz 3dB
Maximum output: 106dB SPL
Sensitivity: 775mV (adjustable to 78mV)
Amplifier power: 2 x 70 Watts
Distortion: 0.01% 38-20,000Hz at all power levels
Drive units: 130mm bass/midrange, 35mm tweeter
Dimensions (W x H x D): 180 x 380 x 300mm
Weight: 7kg

1988 UK retail price: 725.00 per pair; stands 85.00 per pair

Mk I: 35mm Soft-dome ferrofluid damped tweeter

Mk II: Metal dome tweeter
M30 Instruction Manual (1,511.0kb)
M30 Specification (87.1kb)
Photos (view all)
M30 Frequency response chart (226.6kb)
M30 Loudspeaker (16.5kb)
M30 Loudspeakers connections (68.2kb)
M30 Loudspeakers without grilles (190.2kb)
M30 Loudspeakers without grilles (pair) (135.1kb)
M30 Loudspeakers; Front view on stands (78.2kb)
M30 Loudspeakers; Rear view on stands (196.0kb)
M30 Loudspeakers; Side view on stands (192.6kb)
M30 MkII Loudspeaker without grille (70.4kb)
M30 Review - Gramophone July 1988 (2,962.8kb)
M30 Review The New York Times Sept 1987 (95.2kb)
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