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6 Inputs with FM/AM tuner, MM/MC phono stage optional
Replacement for the 501
G01 User manual GCU/1 (807.4kb)
G01 User manual GCU/2 (1,767.5kb)
G01 Datasheet v2.4 (643.3kb)
G01 Datasheet v3.0 (850.4kb)
G01 Datasheet v3.1 11-08-2004 (883.5kb)
G01/G51 V1.04 Software Release Notes (23.8kb)
G01; Datasheet (German) (141.3kb)
Photos (view all)
G01 Full view (152.2kb)
G01 Rear (108.8kb)
G01; Interior view (56.1kb)
Internet Links
G01 Official Website (link)

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