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The F80 is available in seven Ferrari colours:

Rosso Corsa (Dark Red)

Modena Giallo (Yellow)

Argento Nurburgring (Bright Silver)

Nero (Black)

Bianco Avus (Off-White)

RubinoMicallizzato (Burgundy)

Grigio Silverstone (Graphite)
F80 User manual (9,556.1kb)
F80 User manual (German) (2,596.3kb)
F80 Brochure (1,005.2kb)
F80 Datasheet v0.92 (1,031.8kb)
F80; Advertisement Hi Fi News Nov 2008 (399.8kb)
F80; Brochure (Dutch) (2,758.0kb)
News item; F80 Diapason Jan 09 (French) (116.9kb)
Tech. Note TN03 F80 Firmware update pack (284.4kb)
Tech. Note TN14; F80 mains input fuse (271.9kb)
Tech. Note; TN8 internal-fuse replace (178.4kb)
Technical Note TN1; Firmware update (238.7kb)
Technical Note TN2.1; Firmware update (451.4kb)
Technical Note TN9; F80 Disassembly (925.0kb)
Photos (view all)
F80 Aerial accessories (32.3kb)
F80 Art Masters metallic gold (32.8kb)
F80 Box contents (106.4kb)
F80 Explode (67.4kb)
F80 Midnight Blue (Select; Russ Andrews) (51.7kb)
F80 PCBs in production (458.1kb)
F80 Rear panel; connections (110.7kb)
F80 Remote control (48.3kb)
F80 S.E. Grigio Silverstone (77.6kb)
F80 S.E. Rubino-Micallizzato (79.0kb)
F80 Standard colour range (110.3kb)
Meridian F80; Rosso Corsa (151.6kb)
F80 Revue du son du Home Cinema Mar 09 (457.6kb)
F80 & i80 WHF S&V (255.0kb)
F80 Review Gramophone July 2007 (934.4kb)
F80 Review hautefidelite (French) Mar 09 (249.6kb)
F80 Review Hi-Fi World, May 2007 (7,954.5kb)
F80 Review Stereophile, April 2008 (828.1kb)
F80 Stereo & Image No 31 (French) Jan 09 (768.3kb)
F80 What Hi-Fi S & V, May 2007 (8,745.7kb)
F80; Home Vision Mar 2008 (German) (384.9kb)
F80; Mac Rewind 2007 (German) (2,001.2kb)
F80; What Hi Fi December 2009 (655.0kb)
Review F80 Le Monde de la Musique No 337 (206.9kb)
F80 Review thetechlounge, June 2008 (link)
F80 Review; AVHub Dec 2007 (link)
Meridian F80 CD System (link)
Internet Links
F80 Official Web site (link)
News Stereophile F80 March 2007 (link)

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